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Earn when you refer users / candidate for our Executive Search services and Membership Programmes, in a most transparent manner apart from other benefits of association.

All applications for Affiliate Partner Program will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis and we will  revert as soon as possible.

Simple terms and conditions :

  1. We reserve the right to have different payment rates for different programs and for different affiliates.
  2. All payments will be made by cheque or bank transfer.
  3. We reserve the right to discontinue the program any time.

The Procedure is simple :

Sign up (Give your details) – Get your password in your mailbox – Login here and refer candidates by entering details in the form and / or copy the links provided on your dashboard and share them with your friends and colleagues and anytime they register as user on or purchase any product listed on our website – you earn cash through referral payments.

How it Works !

  1. Share your affiliate link with your friend /colleague or relative who you think can be a good candidate for the corporate positions of Corporate Galaxy. Relax you don’t have to bother too much assessing the suitability of your reference to any particular job listed on the portal. We accept only senior professionals as our affiliates so we are sure you will be referring only great candidates – candidates which match your and Corporate Galaxy’s professional standards.
  2. Anytime we place your referred candidate with any of our paying clients you will be entitled to a flats 5% of the fee we receive from our clients. Depending on the position and other factors, we charge our clients in the range of 12% –  20% of Annual CTC. Thus for a position of Rs. 20 lakh CTC if a candidate referred by you is placed by us, you can expect to receive Rs. 12000 as referral fee.
  3. There are simple terms
  4. Your identity does not get disclosed to the candidate at any time.
  5. In the case of the candidate referred by you taking up membership of Corporate Galaxy in any paid category, you will be also eligible to receive 5% of the Membership Fee paid by the referred candidate.

When you forward/ share your special link the browser recognizes the affiliate link and any sales made by the user by clicking on the link which you sent to him are tracked and the system generates payments for you.

We are presently offering US $ 0.50 (Rs. 40/-) per user registration through your link. Please note the affiliate link remains active for 120 days and can be clicked multiple times. This implies your forwarded affiliate can generate revenue for you even after you have forgotten all about it !

From time to time we will also share with you exclusive discount coupons which you can share with your clients / friends/ colleagues to incentivise them to use your referral links.

So what are you waiting for ? Just get started now – CLICK HERE NOW !









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