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American Dissertation

Students are experienced in different types of writing. They write a lot of essays on various topics, and master format requirements during their study. But graduate students face with a new difficult task. They are to write dissertations.

The purpose of writing

American dissertation is a type of academic writing that change your status from a student to a scholar. It requires a lot of time spent in writing. American dissertation is writing for the doctorate. This work is a document that approves your professional qualification.

American dissertation shows the author’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Writing work needs great patience and attention. You have to spend a lot of time in preparing materials for your dissertation.


American dissertation requires following an appropriate format standard. It consists of the following parts: abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings and discussion, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (references or works cited), and appendices.


Writing American dissertation starts with planning the work. Your instructor can give you special assignments and requirements for writing each section. American dissertation is devoted to the research of a concrete topic. You should make an outline for your writing. Your work must be systematic.


American dissertation contains several points that reinforce the main theme. Gather information gradually. Precise quotes and persuasive arguments are important attributes of American dissertation. Support your ideas with theoretical materials from literature written by scholars of authority.

American dissertation requires the usage of an appropriate language and style. Do not use colloquial phrases and slang. Avoid statements of personal moral evaluation. Dissertation is a document with objective information. American dissertation is a research of a scientist giving you a scholar qualification.

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