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Rennar and Frais Consulting

Rennar & Frais is a decade-old business consulting organization, with a global footprint, helping Organisations improve performance through strategic planning & restructuring ( BU/Service/Product/HR), market intelligence and audit (HR), Knowledge Management Services and Advanced Talent Acquisition services. Across the global map and industries, R & F has been a partner of choice to around 200 Indian Companies and 40 overseas, having shared the roadmap of mutual productivity and success. Rennar & Frais works with Trade counsellors of different countries in researching, collating, securing and customizing information on Indian Industry that would help investors and Companies, looking at setting up their businesses in India; as also help Indian Companies in setting up businesses overseas through hand holding on local government support, market research inputs and strategies. R & F differentiates itself in four ways:
  • Authoritative Expertise
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Guaranteed Results
Headquartered in Pune with a widespread national network support – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, UAE, USA and UK. R & F is also actively involved in CSR initiatives , to name a few:
  1. Environment protection initiatives through corporate partnerships.
  2. Active participation in restoration of Vellore Hills.
  3. A prominent Temple project, in Southern India, where the entire lighting and preparation of prasadam is done by the Bio Gas generated through the settler attached to the Temple Complex toilet.
  4. Implementation of rainwater harvesting and restoration of lakes and tanks in Southern India.
  5. Supporting Mouth & Foot Painting Artists.
  6. Working for Tamil Nadu Government as Hon. PPP Consultants.
  7. Introducing Hi-Tech Environment protection solutions like SRRF, Envac (underground waste management), and Pyromax (A solution for all the Landfills in India).
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