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Summer Training / Internship Program for MBA Students

Summer Training / Internship Program for MBA Students – 2020 – Batch 2In view of the current situation owing to COVID19 , we are happy to launch our Summer Training / Internship Program for MBA Students – 2020 on a “Work From Home” basis.

It’s your chance to bring what you’ve learned in your MBA studies to a real-life work situation, playing a part in the development of our multiple brands, channels and products.

The team you join will trust you to complete tasks and they’ll provide you with opportunities to use your analytical skills, creativity, and initiative.

Date of Commencement

The 2nd Batch of Internships will start on May 27, 2020 during the university summer break.

A minimum of 3 weeks of concerted training will qualify for an Internship Certificate. A Letter of Commendation will be issued to students continuing for the full 8 weeks duration of the program.

Study Projects   

The students will be required to develop a Study Project objective for themselves under their guide in an area of Marketing and Communications and Finance. There will be no requirement or emphasis on theoretical research or survey in the projects.

Selection Process & Requirements

We have largely built our selection process into the application process.

To be clear, we are offering opportunity to the MBA Marketing students to learn on Live digital marketing projects through the process of learn by doing. For the Finance Students we are offering an exposure to the capital markets and live equity trading concepts and development of our wealth management websites.

Students who get across our application process are welcome to join our internship program. We have enough creative, interesting work for all and will not disappoint any deserving student.

We may interview you over Skype or Zoom just to introduce the people you will be working with and not to judge you.

What’s in it for you ?

The Summer Training / Internship Program will be based on learning by doing projects.  There will be targets to be achieved – not to judge you but to challenge you to learn and gain insights.

  • Every week 2 Contact sessions with experts over Zoom.
  • Work and progress assessment every week.
  • Career counseling session at the end of the program.

Stipend : Sorry we are not offering any stipend. 

You’ll gain work experience, of course, and you’ll:

  • Apply theory to real-life work situations

So what are you waiting for…APPLY NOW !


Remember #PeopleMakeTheDifference !

Job Requirements:

The essential requirements for qualifying for our Internship program – in order of importance – are :

  1. Excellent communication and language skills – Reading & Writing.
  2. An aptitude for social media – must have active Facebook and  LinkedIn Profiles.
  3. Diligent, methodical, committed and persevering.
  4. Elementary skills in Photoshop and Powerpoint are essential.

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Advertising & Marketing, MR, Digital Marketing, Business / Corporate Planning & Strategy, Banking & Corporate Finance, Corp.Communications / PR



Desired Qualifications


Field of Specialization

Advertising/Mass Communication, Finance

Total Years of Experience

Student, Fresher

Budgeted Salary Range

Success based

Excellent Opportunity !

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