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Building Employee Training in a Growing Startup

To transform your staff into a dream team of innovation, you need your players to be in top form. And, just like in sports, there are three things that will get them to peak performance: training, training and training. Why Training Matters Hiring people with the right background is important, but what’s critical is their willingness—and ability—to learn, adapt and

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One Size Fits None

Chose an approach that can accommodate different regions, personalities and cultures As “ONE SIZE FITS NONE” Every company faces unique challenges, which means the “right” approach to organisational readiness varies from one situation to the next. Companies in  different geographic regions have different cultural norms and behaviours, So do companies of different sizes or in different industries. There can even

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Promoting a Collaborative Work Environment

“It takes two flints to make a fire.”  ― Louisa May Alcott Does your organization value and promote competition above collaboration?  If so, it may be time to reassess these values and priorities. Although a moderate amount of friendly competition can have its advantages in inspiring individuals to strive harder to attain a goal, fierce competitiveness can become problematic at a

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One Customer Experience Tool That Will Get Significant Attention in 2016

Sometimes I get the feeling that people believe that everything in the future will happen online and all transactions will be automated without any or with very little human interaction. Success stories with self service solutions such as Taco Bell who recently in an Bloomberg article announced that orders made via their new digital app are 20% pricier than those

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Customer Experience Management

Customer experience as a concept has been around for over fifteen years now but it is still often confused with CRM or considered to be a fancy name for customer service. Search the web for a definition of customer experience, and you’ll be overwhelmed by a myriad of carefully crafted, and sometimes agonizingly verbose offerings. But essentially, they all come

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Does Management by Objectives (MBO) Still Work As an Approach Today?

by DR. JON WARNER,  The author and widely regarded father of modern management methods, Peter Drucker evolved the concept of Management by Objectives or MBO as it became known for short in the mid 1950’s in his book “The Practice of Management.” The concept was an immediately and widespread hit in medium to large sized organizations in particular and it

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If Customers Are Real People, Why Do We Talk to Them like Robots?

This article was written by James Daniel, an award-winning UK Copywriter and author of “Do You Talk Like That At Home?” – a guide to writing simple, conversational copy. There’s a dangerous myth that’s wormed its way into the business world. It says a certain breed of customers expect a special tone of voice – a formal or “corporate” style that’s neutral

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Train the Trainer: Coaching for Success

Dr. Jon Warner is a prolific author, management consultant and executive coach with over 25 years experience. He has an MBA and a PhD in Organizational Psychology. “Any instruction that lasts longer than ten seconds is coaching” That’s the view held by the highly successful Mars Corporation and that’s the view that successful organizations of the future are likely

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Market Segmentation

by DR. JON WARNER Many organizations (and especially relatively young ones or ones with a brand new product or service) often think that a whole market will almost universally want what it has to sell. In some cases this may be true (eventually) but much more often only parts of the market will ever buy and if the business doesn’t

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by Jeri Larsen. The lines between marketing and training are blurred and stretched and somewhat nebulous these days. It’s time that we stop reserving marketing just for our consumers and start educating and impressing your employees. Training isn’t just training any more. Training is in a minimal space right now—straddling both consumer education (which lends credibility by giving buyers the product information they

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