Career Management Steps for the Senior Executive

  • Manage your career so you never have to search for a job again.
  • Eliminate interruptions in your income.
  • Set your end-of-career goals and your pre-retirement (scaled-back career or entrepreneurship) goals.
  • Realise your true professional potential

As work tenures continue to shorten, it is critical for the senior executives to “Manage” their career on a daily basis … to be continually positioning for their next career move whether within the company or externally.With tenures shortening, being unemployed for 12 months every 4-5 years can put a huge dent in your retirement planning.

Career Management is essential to ensure that your skill-sets are in tune with the job market. It helps avoid being unemployed 6, 12, and 18 months between jobs.

The Corporate Galaxy Executive Career Management Program is designed to:
  • Create a career plan and action steps to move you in the right direction
  • Position you to become renowned for your areas of expertise
  • Position you to be sought after by companies who need your thought leadership and driving force
  • Achieve your career dreams and goals
The Executive Career Management Program includes:
  • 2 months of coaching (2 months of bi-weekly sessions)
  • Planned interactions with top corporate executives
  • Coaching Topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Developing short- and long-term career management strategies
    • Creating a road-map for your ultimate career aspiration
    • Identifying your unique brand and value proposition
    • Designing an effective communication/PR plan
    • Building a communication hub
    • Marketing yourself using a proven, integrated multi-platform marketing strategy
    • Designing your introduction (aka: elevator speech) for various audiences
    • Positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader
    • Promoting your passions and innate talents
    • Self-marketing strategies that work in today’s market
    • Maximising your online presence
    • Rapidly expanding your network of contacts
    • Leveraging relationships without damaging relationships

Coaching will be customised to your specific needs. Any and all topics of interest can be addressed.

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