Corporate Galaxy Career Management Services

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Corporate Galaxy Career Management Services

For senior executives the job search process is generally very competitive and extensive – depending on the role and market conditions. Keeping in mind such requirements we have developed a set of services which we encourage our senior candidates to subscribe to and not miss out on the best opportunities :

  1. Preparation of updated CVs
  2. Posting of CV on major career portals
  3. Lookout services for suitable positions in the industry
  4. Manage Linkedin and Facebook Profiles
  5. Develop Twitter and Linkedin Presence
  6. Public Appearances in Professional fora – Seminar & Conferences
  7. One to one interactions with HR experts

Corporate Galaxy’s Career Management Services  help senior executives navigate the complex and competitive corporate world in which they operate. Most senior executives who subscribe to the services of guided career positioning shall find the time spent as highly productive, challenging and rewarding.

Who are the Corporate Galaxy’s Career Management Services designed for ?

Our services are tailored to address the concerns, issues and challenges being faced today by :

  • Well placed senior executives not averse or open to look at opportunities which give them a bigger canvas and operational autonomy.
  • Executives who feel their career has gone off course or stagnated, and are looking for  new challenges
  • Executives who feel they have been ‘pigeonholed’ by employers or recruiters and believe their current skills, experience and abilities are being overlooked.
  • Well qualified and skilled Executives who find their growth stuck with an employer who is not doing well…

Benefits at a glance

Corporate Galaxy’s Career Management services offer a bouquet of services for executives including :

  • Access to senior experts who have worked at similar levels
  • Specialist HR consultants working closely with each senior executive, critically appraising capabilities and options, before developing a strategy and tailoring an action plan to maximise individual advantage
  • A pragmatic approach to the job search process so that participants are placed in the right job at a level equal to or higher than previously held.

The benefits from the program are many and yield concrete results. We urge our best candidates to subscribe to the services and derive full advantage of partnering with Corporate Galaxy in pursuit of a fulfilling career.

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CG Senior Executive Career Management Services

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Five Questions with Jack Welch.
Jack Welch, a titan of American business who transformed General Electric (GE) into America's most valuable company, has died aged 84.
He ran the US conglomerate from 1981 until 2001, and was once named "manager of the century" for his achievements.
Nicknamed "Neutron Jack" for his cost-cutting, he became a best selling author and confidante of US presidents.

Born in 1935 to Irish-Catholic parents in Massachusetts, Mr Welch spent his entire career at GE, which he joined as a chemical engineer in its plastics division at Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Made the company's youngest vice-president in 1972, he became vice-chairman in 1979. By the end of 1980, it was announced that he was to become chairman and CEO of the firm, a position he held for 20 years before retiring in 2001.
While at the helm in the 1980s and 1990s, he bought and sold scores of businesses, expanding GE into financial services and consulting.
He was also known for his focus on straight-talk, efficiency and streamlined bureaucracy. He would regularly cull the lowest-performing 10% of staff each year. "The underperformers generally had to go," he wrote in one of his books.
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Restart your career. Connect with us for details
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