One Size Fits None

Chose an approach that can accommodate different regions, personalities and cultures As “ONE SIZE FITS NONE”

Every company faces unique challenges, which means the “right” approach to organisational readiness varies from one situation to the next. Companies in  different geographic regions have different cultural norms and behaviours, So do companies of different sizes or in different industries. There can even be variations within a single company, especially in large global companies composed of smaller, relatively autonomous local companies operating under a common brand.

Employees with different types of responsibilities can also react to change in different ways. For example, sales personnel and IT personnel often don’t respond to the same motivators. In our experience , sales personnel generally don’t like top-down imperatives, but- respond well to competitive challenges and results-based incentives.

IT personnel generally prefer a less competitive focus, with a greater emphasis on how their individual efforts contribute to team effectiveness.

An approach that can accommodate all these diverse requirements is a critical first step on the path to organisational readiness.


  • Be flexible (and scalable) – Choose an approach that can accommodate regions, personalities, and cultures – and that can scale to handle everything from small, local projects to global implementations.


  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – Being flexible doesn’t mean starting every project from scratch. Because organisational readiness is generally a critical part of every technology implementation and compliance project, it should be built into the tools and methodologies. Star with a structured, times- tested approach – then customise from here.



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